Well-produced and well-distributed content is the best asset for sales. Here are our solutions for promoting your products in store and on the internet.

An inventory, to start on a solid foundation

We make an inventory of your digital presence (places on social networks, results on search engines) and industry practices (where are your competitors?).

Then, we provide you with strategic recommendations for creating and distributing text, photos and videos that demonstrate your know-how and the quality of your products.

An inventory to produce just what’s needed

Catalogues, training courses, user instructions … Brands often already have text, pictures and videos that can be reused. During the inventory, we examine this re-usable content and suggest ways of adapting it. In this way, the budget is assigned to the bare necessities, and the initial content is supplied quickly.

For example: modernising the way an old video is set, updating old training texts to SEO standards, cutting advertising videos to make them suitable for a Facebook broadcast …

Production to showcase for your products

We define the content best adapted for your communications and broadcast channels. The budget is spent on optimising production, which allows you to obtain the maximum necessary quality content in terms of style and substance

Our plus points:

  • technical execution by professionals and craftsmen
  • we can take care of every aspect of production (media, courses, tools, technical roll outs, in the studio, on site, at your premises) and you deliver the turnkey content.

SEO Audit and Optimisation. Improve the performance of your website

We conduct an audit of your website. Our study focuses on SEO optimisation, UX UI design and its performance on search engines.

Because we’re specialists, we know what your target audiences are looking for. The purpose of a website (and the aim your digital presence) is to capture your target audiences attention when they search for what they need on the internet (Google queries, engagement on social networks). To transform this contact, your target audience must have the best experience possible when coming into contact with your brand, that is, on your website. Rules, methods and devices exist to ensure the highest level of conversion.

Have a website designed for your business and market.

We develop websites. Whether your site is institutional, promotional or commercial, we can research and implement solutions that are perfectly adapted to your brand, your market and your target audiences.

The DIY and building markets have to respond to specific codes. Our specialisation means you can be sure we’ve taken care of all the challenges in your website design. We integrate the various possibilities for developing ergonomics, functionalities and content upstream, to ensure you get a solution that is profitable over the long term, and allows you to become self-standing.

Build your place in e-commerce. Generate or expand your online sales

Boost your online sales via your content and optimising its distribution: product packs animation kits (packshot photos, ambiance shots, editorials, buyer Q / A, links). Benefit from our partnerships with commercial sites to improve exposure of your products.

Are you just getting started? We can work with you using a turnkey formula to conduct a initial test of online sales (creation, management and animation of an Amazon seller’s account).

Get in touch with your customers using campaigns with high conversion rates in stores or via e-commerce

We offer turnkey solutions to reach your customers through their mobile phones and social networks. Beyond merely invasive advertising, we create various targeted scenarios using competitions and discovery trails that combine social networks, SMS, dedicated web pages enriched with photos or videos, and the creation of websites dedicated to mobile phones (landing page) …


Take advantage of our support solutions

For your formulas, models, packaging, take advantage of quick tests, performed by qualified, expert users that are compatible with your targets

Test your products and design user instructions for them, in the form of text, illustrations, photos, videos or Internet or mobile applications

Take advantage of our expert support throughout the development of your product

  • test ideas and products at different stages in their elaboration, and get them developed quickly and spontaneously by an expert user who is external to the company.
  • benefit from technical expertise and a history of testing when writing instructions for users
  • test your products under real conditions with support, gestures and tools that are specifically adapted to your targets.

Design high value-added directions for use

We frequently find flaws in the drafts of instructions for use. These can relate to the vocabulary used, drying times, product/media incompatibilities…

We offer to set up a test protocol for you, and create the instructions for use depending on the product and your target, to produce such manuals, and offer you innovative methods of distributing them: applications, dedicated websites, landing pages…

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