We help DIY and building stakeholders promote their products on the internet and on social networks.

With us

you will increase the traffic to your website so you sell more and better

by capturing your customers as soon as they formulate their requirements on the internet

by setting up a closed circuit from the expressed need to the sale

you can demonstrate your expertise directly to your clients

by producing high quality texts, photos and video content

by broadcasting these contents opportunely

and posting your content as a reference on YouTube, Google and Facebook

you will win market shares

by increasing the visibility of your brand

by promoting the quality and making your products stand out

by down-ranking the content and digital presence of your competitors

Why us?

With 17 years of experience in the building and DIY fields, we have developed digital communication and production methodologies that are adapted to our sector and your targets (professional or public, BtoB or BtoC).
  • We put your products into practice
  • We know how to film, photograph and talk about them (1,500 reports, 35,000 photos, 800 videos, more than 250 SEO texts for an audience consisting of the general public and professionals)
  • We have skills and experience in communication issues on websites and social networks that are specific to your sector
  • We know where your targets are, and how to hit them effectively.
  • We understand your customers, whether they’re pros or members of the public
  • We understand your issues and the challenges of the building and DIY markets in BtoB or BtoC.

Bricolo Factory – Tel.: – 08, rue d’Enghien 75010 Paris – olivier.doriath@bricolofactory.com

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