We produce content that showcases your know-how and your products.

Our methods

1 – We define the type of content, adapted to your communications and distribution channels

2 – We optimise the budget to obtain quality content in style and substance

3 – We produce content that highlights your know-how as well as your products


Enrichment and optimisation SEO, integration, press, publishing


Technical and product demos, corporate, interviews, reports, animated videos (F-X, motion)


Step by step demos, ambiance, packshots


A few of our productions

We take care of the whole production process: synopsis, constructing the sets, shooting, models, post-production. We supply you with a turnkey product. Practical videos are ideal for supporting user guides, training or demonstration plans, whether they’re for professionals or the general public.


We produce corporate videos for interviews, training and presentations.


To highlight your products and your know-how, we take ambience and catalogue shots, with styling in decor or in studio.

We can produce step by step on site photo reports in the studio, for use by the general public or professionals.

We produce the content to showcase your products.

We write informative articles, practical or educational. SEO optimisation with key word research (Google trends, metadata). Editorial and SEO enhancement for product sheets.

Editions of 50 specialist works on decorating, crafts and building

Bricolo Factory – Tel.: – 08, rue d’Enghien 75010 Paris – olivier.doriath@bricolofactory.com

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