17 years of experience in the DIY and building sector has given us a detailed knowledge of the market and its stakeholders.

Why us? 

  • We put your products into practice
  • We know how to film, photograph and talk about your products (1,500 reports, 35,000 photos, 800 videos, over 250 SEO texts for audiences composed of members the general public and professionals)
  • We have skills and experience in communication issues on websites and social networks that are specific to our sector
  • We know exactly where your targets are, and how to hit them effectively.
  • We know your customers, whether they’re professionals or just members of the general public, and we understand the marketing issues involved in BtoB or BtoC.

Bricolo Factory – Tel.: – 08, rue d’Enghien 75010 Paris – olivier.doriath@bricolofactory.com

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